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First drive review of the BMW M2 sports Coupe

Review updated by Jay Kay   21 February 2017 10:02 pm | Motoring

After test driving and being underwhelmed by the Mk3 Ford Focus RS, will the BMW M2 fare any better?

Score 5.0 / 5   RRP £44070.00

Pros: Beautiful looks, fantastic straight 6 engine, lovely grip and handling

Cons: Gearbox a bit clunky, interior might bother nit pickers


Engine: 2979cc

Cylinders: 6

Power: 365bhp @ 6,500rpm

Torque: 369 lb/ft @ 1450–4750rpm

Transmission: 6 speed manual

Acceleration: 4.5sec

Top Speed: 155mph

Fuel: 31mpg

CO2: 199g/km

Road Tax: J

Release Date:

Verdict: A car so good, that I could easily climb into bed with her

2017 MK7 Volkswagen Golf R DSG with the test BMW M2 coupe

A couple of weeks ago I filmed a YouTube video asking the question "What will I replace my VW Golf R DSG with??" Many people responded with their possible choices. Some were good and some not so good. But as a result of this discussion I began compiling a "test drive wish list". 

The list looks as follows:

  1. BMW M2 - because it looks so good and is rumoured to be the ultimate M car
  2. The Mk3 Ford Focus RS - because it is heralded as being god incarnated as a car, and a Golf R killer
  3. E90/92 BMW M3 - because its an affordable naturally aspirated 4.0 V8 which sounds fantastic and atheletic.
  4. 5.0 V8 2017 Ford Mustang - because its big, beautiful and its only £36,000... Thats cheaper than a well specced Golf!
  5. Jaguar F-Type - because this is Jags finest moment since the late 60's with the E-Type

Of course there are more, a lot more but that will do for now and as you can see we've managed to scratch two off the list.

Now I've been trying to get a test drive in the BMW M2 since last September, when I test drove the Mk3 Ford Focus RS. I assumed that it would be a simple matter of contacting my local dealer and asking "can we do the test drive in 45 minutes?" but instead I was told (by every dealer i've contacted) that not only could I not get a test drive, but that if I wanted to buy one I'd have to wait 18 months!

Thankfully though I was contacted by a petrol head named Kam who wanted to get my opinion on his BMW M2. With an agreed meeting place and time arranged, the scene was set in finding out if the media was once again over hyping a car.

The first thing I will say about this car is, I absolutely love the look of it. The wheel's coupled with those ventilated discs are perfect in maintaining the cars aggressive racing stance. The tyres themselves scream "race track grip". Then theres the flared out arches housing slightly fatter rear tyres - a typical setup for a tail happy, tyre shredding, rear wheel drive monster.

Walking to the rear we then see the 4 exhaust tips, which in my opinion look pretty humble compared to the rest of the car. I'd say that i prefer the look of the Mk7 Golf R exhaust tips. But nevertheless, the M2's rear is far better looking than the Mk7 Golf R's. At the point of this photo Kam demonstrates the sound system that is the sweet 3 litre 6 cylinder engine and these 4 pots and I can tell you it sounds fantastic! You can get a listen of the sound in the BMW M2 test drive video.

Then walking to the front, you can see the agressive grille and air intakes. 

Theres the small bump in the bonnet which is typical of most (if not all) M cars before it. This is a reminder to us that yes it may be a "small car", but it is still a thorough bred, still a "M". These looks are complimented perfectly by the LED head lights. Cementing the menacing look of the car - a look which says "get out of my way or else".

Of course looks are subjective but to me this car is so beautiful that I would quite happily take it to bed with me!

So looks aside, how does the car drive? Is it better than the Mk3 Ford Focus RS and is it better than the Mk 7 Golf R DSG?

The drive of the car is as good as it's looks. To me, this means fantastic, breathetaking, fast and furious! It is better than the Mk3 Ford Focus RS and it is better than my Mk7 Golf R! For the first time in my Golf R's ownership, I was driving home wishing I were driving home in the BMW M2 instead. Dont get me wrong, both hyper hatch backs out handle this coupe, but the 6cylinder engine and tail happy snappy nature makes this car more fun and challenging to drive.

5 stars for looks, performance and affordability. Is it the best M car ever? give me the 1M and then we can all find out together!