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2017 test drive review: BMW 335d m sport with xdrive

Review created by Jay Kay   | Motoring

This is a 2017 BMW 335d m sport estate with a 3 litre twin turbo charged diesel engine, producing 313bhp and over 400lb/ft of torques which you might imagine is far from being a boring car, but is it??

Score 5.0 / 5   RRP £42000.00

Pros: sounds brilliant, drives great in the wet, power delivery is fun, faster than BMW quotes

Cons: none come to mind!


Engine: 2993cc

Cylinders: 6

Power: 313 @ 4,400rpm

Torque: 465lb/ft from 1,500rpm

Transmission: 8 speed automatic

Acceleration: 4.6sec

Top Speed: 155mph

Fuel: 44mpg

CO2: 151g/km

Road Tax: F

Release Date: 2015-01-01

Verdict: A performance diesel which could make you doubt buying a petrol engine!

The grip which the 2017 BMW 335d m sport offers via xDrive is never ending

I have only ever driven one performance diesel in my life, and that was the Ford Focus ST2; a fun car which handles well but it soon runs out of revs. Ever since then I pretty much dismissed performance diesels, figuring that diesel engines belong to SUV's like my Toyota Landcruiser LC5 and should be left for vehicles which tow things, or go off road. It was interesting then when I spoke to a few BMW owners who swore by their BMW performance diesels, with one offering I meet up with him and test drive his 66 plate BMW 335d m sport estate.

Starting with the looks of the car; this is one of the best looking estate cars I've ever seen. Personally I think the champion is the Audi RS6, but this does come a relatively close second. The front of the car has the aggressive, sporty, attractive look of all modern BMW's. However unlike the previous BMW's I've personally driven as part of this series, there are no M bumps on the bonnet!

Perhaps the reason is that BMW wanted to reserve the M bump for petrol cars only? Or perhaps they wanted to surprise other roads users with an understated look? If that is the case, then I'm not sure that they have succeeded here, because the aggressive look of the grille, the fact that there is M plastered on the brake callipers and the fact there is the M emblem on the wheels would tell savvy motorist's that this car is able to hold its own in a fight. This model sports complete LED front and rear lights too.

I love this colour too, which appears to be the trademark colour for the model; reviews I've seen of this car from journalist were also the same colour.

The side of the car somehow looks sporty and attractive too. I know this is a typical sort of shape from previous BMW estates gone, and it is a look I always liked but I like it even more so when coupled with wheels like this. This car came with the M sport plus pack which included the up rated wheels you see here. The pack also gives you the harman/kardon loudspeaker system, uprated brakes and sun protection glass. This model did not include the adjustable suspension, but in all honesty I think the standard set up is more than adequate for this car.

I like the rear of the car too. Thanks to those LED lights and the rear spoiler, this definitely looks like a sporty car which is capable of bombing it down the road in no time at all. To conclude on the looks then, I think it is an attractive car which I think will turn heads and for an estate, this is an even more an astounding thing to achieve.

Sitting behind the wheel of the BMW 335d m sport is a pleasant experience in itself. Everything feels high quality as you'd expect from a well specced BMW M car. Straight away the car doesn't feel big and bulky; it doesn't feel like an estate. Putting the car into drive and tapping the accelerator straight away shows that this car wants to go and I like that a lot!

Quickly comparing the ride of this car with the BMW M4 and the BMW M2 sports coupe's, as we cruise around a village, shows that it has a far softer ride. The BMW 335d m sport is leaning more toward that of a sports tourer. Now seeing as I mention the word tourer, I can say that it feels firmer than the Audi RS5 I test drove the day before. It also seems quieter than the BMW M4 and BMW M2 at lower (and higher) cruising speeds. I expect this is another benefit of the fabulous diesel engine. Giving it some rev's though and what you get is the sound of a very sporty 6 cylinder engine. It's brilliant. There doesn't seem to be any sound amplicification either, so this is all natural engine noise coming from a hard revving 3.0 litre twin turbo diesel engine!

It was very wet when I took this out as you may have noticed in the BMW 335d m sport test drive video, so it was a terrific opportunity to give the xdrive a proper trial. I hit the b roads as hard as I could in unfamiliar territory, where several times I was concerned about getting lost! A couple of times I got the traction control lights flashing, as I turned in hard on tight bends and then planted the power down. Here I could feel the traction kicking in from the rear end as the car slide slightly through the corner. It was fabulous, relentless and didnt feel like an estate at all.

I remember thinking at this point how there was no chance in hell that you could do this, in either the BMW M2 or the BMW M4 in such wet conditions; you'd simply spin out with oversteer. In fact you would'nt even do that, because you'd be too nervous about even breathing on the accelerator pedal. That is a big plus over the other two M cars then. Earlier I mentioned that while cruising about the suspension felt soft, like that of a sports tourer. When it comes to b road sprinting I found the suspension was adquate for the job at hand, where it felt firm enough so you could navigate tight bends at speed. This I found very interesting and it begs the question: is there any point in getting firmer suspension for a estate car??

Where steering wheel feedback is concerned it added to the experience of this sprint. There was plenty of road surface feedback and the turn in response was excellent. This car is far superior to the Audi RS5 I'd driven earlier, where there was no feedback at all which lead to a duller driving experience. The BMW 335D M sport is a lot cheaper too. The used Audi RS5 I drove was £42,000 with 22,000 miles on the clock. This BMW brand new is £42,000!

As the drive continued I was able to work the gearbox more, where shifts were spot on and changing at the instant I needed them to change. There never seemed to be any lag no matter how demanding I was of the box. I will add though that I would prefer a manual gearbox in these situations, because it leads to a more rewarding experience where the emphasis is placed entirely on the driver. That is my own personal opinion though and is not a negative remark against this car's automatic box.

Mid way through the drive we come out of a tight right hander and onto a long straight, so I stop the car and begin prepping the car ready to give launch control a go. As you can imagine this was a furious launch given the amount of torques on offer! When launching the car, BMW claim a sprint from 0 to 62mph is 4.8secs. However it has been shown that the actual sprint time is 4.6secs and I can attest to this as it certainly felt quicker than my Golf R DSG. The car was completely planted during launch too, even though the road was very wet and very slippery.

I was able to get the engine singing a couple of high notes too as I came out of the last two corners of the B road sprint and it was music to my ears. I still cannot get over the fact that this is a diesel estate!! The brakes aren't the sportiest I've ever felt but they are pleasant to use and came in handy a few times when a couple of times oncoming cars were a little too centre of the road. Admittedly these were narrow country roads, so it was anticipated that some road users might do that.

Until I did the BMW M2 test drive video a few weeks ago I had never driven a BMW in my entire life, and since doing this test drive series I have learnt a lot about BMW. I have driven the BMW M2, the BMW m4 and now the BMW 335d m sport and I can see why there is a huge fan following of the M sport division. I used to think BMW was too expensive; that you were paying for a German luxury brand. But what you're actually getting is good value for money performance cars!

I love the BMW M2 because it's a pure b road rear wheel drive, agile monster. I love the BMW M4 because it is a bigger more luxurious version of the BMW M2. I love this car because it's a proper all weather daily driving car, with the capability of hitting B roads hard, while average over 40mpg and offering a sporty comfortable feel.

I am slowly turning into a BMW nut, and this car has pushed me another notch further along that road. For that reason, this is a 5 star car.