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2017 VW Mk7 Golf R DSG - which engine oil should I use??

Article updated by Jay Kay   06 June 2017 08:06 pm | Motoring

Deciding which engine oil to use for your mk7 vw Golf R DSG isn't as straight forward as it may seem. In this article I go over which oil type you should use and when.

Knowing your cars service plan is key!

When I took delivery of my Mk7 Golf R DSG back in 2016, the dealer took me straight to the boot of the car and showed me that it came with 1 litre of top up engine oil. Now during the first 3000 miles of driving, I managed to use three quarters of the provided long life engine oil and at 3006 miles (12 months) VW gave my Mk7 Golf R its first service. When I got home after the service I began flicking through the service schedule and then things got very confusing as several things came to light

  1. My Mk7 Golf R is supposed to be on a flexible service plan as set by the VW factory. This means that it should be serviced every 24 months
  2. My retailer set the infotainment service module to 12monthly, placing me on a fixed service plan of 12 month intervals
  3. This drastically affects the type of engine oil needed for daily use
Poor picture of my "VW 504" long life engine oil which came with my car from the retailer. Now unuseable after its first service!

Now this annoyed me a little bit because it means that the longlife oil I have in my garage is now redundant! It also means that my car had a premature service! Needless to say I rang my dealer up and straight asked the question "Why have you given me an annual service plan, when clearly the service schedule says that I should be on the flexible service plan??". The answer I got was, that given my car has very little annual mileage, the retailer recommends that I be put on a fixed plan. Apparently the flexible service plan ("afer two years latest") is designed for high mileage cars which do motorway miles.

Now, I personally believe that it should be the otherway around: cars doing high mileage requiring the annual service, low mile cars requiring less service! After asking the retailer the question, they did say that I could be put back on the flexible plan, but they recommended I be on the fixed plan. I find this very interesting as the VW factory put my car on the flexible plan. Could it be that the retailer is trying to increase their profits by servicing vehicles more often than needed?? Anyway what this now means is that my top up engine oil has to change from Long Life to standard (I assume you'd call it standard) oil.

My "VW 502" oil as used for cars on the fixed service plan and which has now replaced my long life

So now I have explained the two types of possible engine oil; Long life (VW 504) and standard (VW 502), and I have explained that the correct engine oil depends which service plan your car is on, the next question is how do you find out which service plan your Mk7 Golf R is on??

As you can see in the picture above, service plans are categorised by "QIx" codes (where x is a number). So for example for code QI6 your car might be on the FLEXIBLE service plan, which means you would use the Long Life engine oil (VW 504). Thats great, the above tells you which engine oil should be used for what service plan, but how do you find out which service plan your car is on??

Above figure shows a service plan code of QI4.

To find out which service plan your car is on, you will have to dig out your service schedule booklet. On the first page of the booklet, should be a sticker containing codes which are relevant to your cars data. It is here where you will find your cars QIx service plan code, which will be located on the sticker as is shown in the picture above. Also in the booklet you will find the following table which explains how often your vehicle should be serviced/inspected by your local retailer.

So there you have it! The type of oil used for your car, depends on the service plan as set by the VW factory. Your retailer will probably try to place you on the fixed (12 month) service plan, but all you have to do is contact them and tell them that you'd like to be switched back to the flexible service plan.