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2017 VW Mk7 Golf R DSG - which engine oil should I use??

06 June 2017 08:06 pm

Deciding which engine oil to use for your mk7 vw Golf R DSG isn't as straight forward as it may seem. In this article I go over which oil type you should use and when.

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How to detail Pretoria wheels

10 April 2017 08:04 pm

This is a detailed how to on how I cleaned the Mk7 Golf R DSG wheels and arches (post winter detail) as per my video. Here I explain step by step with a link to the products I use


How I create my videos

22 March 2017 09:03 pm

I often get asked the question "which camera are you using" or "what do you use to mount your camera" from the YouTube community so I have decided to explain what I use and why!